Diploma in English

The Diploma in English offers a comprehensive pathway to proficiency in English language and communication. Covering basic, intermediate, and advanced grammar, along with listening, reading, and speaking skills development. Business writing essentials and corporate communication skills are also emphasized. Through interactive activities, real-world scenarios, and practical exercises, students refine their linguistic finesse, enhance comprehension, and cultivate effective communication strategies. With a structured progression, the program ensures a thorough understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and communication proficiency, preparing students for diverse academic, professional, and personal contexts.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, at a level appropriate for academic and professional contexts
  • Apply advanced grammar rules and principles effectively to construct grammatically accurate and coherent sentences in both spoken and written communication
  • To engage in critical analysis and interpretation of various written and spoken texts, demonstrating enhanced reading comprehension and analytical skills
  • To employ effective communication strategies in diverse contexts, including business writing, interpersonal communication, and professional presentations, to convey ideas clearly and persuasively
  • To demonstrate cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication competence, adapting their language and communication style appropriately to interact effectively in multicultural environments

A minimum of 16 years of age with a professional aspiration – (After O/L)

A reasonable knowledge of the English language

6 months

  • Basic Grammar and Communication Skills
  • Intermediate Grammar and Communication Skills
  • Advanced Grammar and Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills Development
  • Reading Skills Enhancement
  • Speaking Skills Improvement

Students who have successfully completed Diploma in English are eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony