Customized Corporate Trainings

Well-trained staff is an asset to any organisation as they can improve business performance and profit. SLIM offers you a wealth of Marketing Education programmes that let you choose the skill development your employees require. We have introduced and developed a series of cutting-edge workshops and programmes that are responsive to the needs of the business community and tailor-made for your organisation. The fully-fledged training sessions will provide your staff with the practicality needed to enhance their knowledge base and succeed in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business world.

SLIM has designed the best solutions to assist your team in achieving higher team morale and performance, keep up with industry changes, keep in touch with all the latest technology developments and stay ahead of competitors. On-going training is important not just for employee development, but it also affects the success of your business. Whether it’s just a personal ambition or a professional skill, learning is extremely important for your company. SLIM is the Premier Training Institute of the corporate world: our workshops and trainings are conducted by various industry experts leading to a significant improvement among the employees overall productivity.

Many sales and marketing related workshops

Executive development programs

Service standard uplifting workshops

Practical digital marketing workshops

Communication skill development programs

Transformational leadership and consultation workshops

Other competency development programs

all languages

Available in all 3 Language

Blended learning

Blended Learning Sessions

Island wide

Conducted Island wide

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