The ability to communicate effectively in English is an essential skill for the workforce worldwide. Even though numerous educational programmes attempt to provide a good understanding of the English language, they are not designed to cater to a specific field such as Marketing which may not be as effective as a special English programme which facilitate to communicate more effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English.
As highlighted by many Sri Lankan employers, there is an urgent requirement for upgrading both written and spoken communication skills of Sri Lankan Marketers. Most specifically employees of private firms are in need to improve the confidence to present effectively and write and communicate professionally.
Being the national body for Marketing, SLIM encourages and promotes Marketers to further enhance themselves as marketing professionals by designing a unique English programme that helps to engage in their businesses effectively and productively. Since Marketing is essential for any professional, this Business English programme will be immensely helpful for the society as a whole regardless of their profession.

This programme will be conducted for a period of three (03) months and it will target to provide competencies in the areas of writing, speaking and listening skills.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • develop oral and written language skills in a business context
  • expand vocabulary related to general business situations
  • communicate confidently and effectively in the business context
  • Recognize the features of different language styles used in business correspondence, such as memos, emails, business letters and reports.
  • 16 + Age group
  • Those who are employed in business organizations & who are aspiring to start their career
  • Age must be 16 years or above