The Marketing in Sinhala programme is a home-grown product of SLIM which provides the essentials of Marketing required by the majority irrespective of their profession or the business they are engaged in. The main objective of this would be to spread the knowledge of Marketing among people from different social and professional backgrounds and remove the language barrier in acquiring Marketing knowledge. The study programme spans over a period of 3 months on a part-time basis. The lecturing and study facilities are given by the accredited study centres islandwide and the examinations and awarding of certificates will be solely handled by SLIM. The programme will be conducted by a qualified Lecture Panel with industry experience and exposure under the supervision of SLIM.

  • A basic Marketing knowledge to start, manage and expand their business
  • Encourage and promote entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka
  • A basic orientation in Marketing and encourage students to proceed with higher studies in Marketing
  • An entry qualification and the confidence to embark on a career in Marketing
  • Other working adults who wish to gain a knowledge of Marketing
  • Students over 16 wishing to pursue a Marketing career
  • School leavers and workforce who wish to learn Marketing in their mother tongue
  • Those from the younger generation who want to manage their family
  • An entry qualification and the confidence to embark on a career in Marketing
  • Opportunity to study Marketing in Sinhala
  • Ideal for young school leavers and junior executives
  • The first step to a Marketing career
  • Coaching available in accredited study centres islandwide
  • Age must be 16 years or above