The Professional Certificate in Marketing - ONLINE is a 3 month study programme leading up to the postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (SLIM). In the 21 st century, the world is moving fast and technology is changing rapidly for the betterment of the consumer. According to global trends, it is highly encouraging to study online rather than physically go for lectures. To fulfil global standards, SLIM has digitalized its PCM course, where student can study PCM online in their most convenient learning environment. The location could be at their home, a study room, the local gym or any place that is in line with their convenience and learning flexibility.

  • An opportunity to study PCM online
  • A basic orientation in Marketing and to encourage students to enrol for higher studies in Marketing
  • An Entry qualification and the confidence to embark on a career in the field of Marketing
  • An understanding of Marketing as an essential management philosophy
  • Students over 16 wishing to pursue a Marketing career
  • Junior Marketers who require a basic Marketing qualification
  • Middle-level Marketers requiring theoretical inputs on Marketing
  • Other working adults who wish to gain more knowledge on Marketing
  • You can study PCM online anywhere in the world
  • The shortest route to an MBA (3 month course duration)
  • Ideal for young school leavers and junior executives
  • Age must be 16 years or above