The Certificate in Digital Marketing (CDM) programme is a preliminary course designed to equip students with the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and the Online Communication ecosystem. This is a 3 month course offering an opportunity for students to gain a conceptual as well as practical knowledge on Digital Marketing and online communication. The course is beneficial for Digital Marketing career-minded candidates seeking to acquire specific competencies and would add value to those already in the Marketing or Business Development force intending to enhance their skills in Digital Marketing.

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  • CDM is aimed at providing a sound understanding and competency in Digital Marketing and arms the student with skills essential in planning, organising, leading, controlling and decision-making within the framework of Digital Marketing.
  • Marketing personnel currently using Digital Marketing to meet their objectives
  • Web Marketers looking to enhance their professional prospects in the Digital Marketing domain
  • Entrepreneur looking to use online media to improve their business performance
  • Students over 16 who seek career opportunities in the Digital Marketing domain
  • The pioneering Certificate course in Digital Marketing
  • It covers the fundamentals of new age media, which is vital for any marketers in the current context
  • Online Examination along with a group case study which will be evaluated in the final grade
  • Age must be 16 years or above

Obtain the SLIM Credly Badge