About Leading Liyo

To discuss, is to reveal. To listen, is to understand. Leading Liyo, is to inspire…

Women are as capable as men, or perhaps more at certain times. However, the platforms which encourage them or inspire them to take their potential to the next level, are not so abundant. Leading Liyo intends to fill this dearth by providing a platform where women can engage in a discussion forum where they will be enlightened, educated and elucidated about various facets, fields and opportunities which eventuates in the betterment and augmentation of their lives.

Leading Liyo will be carried out as a Panel Discussion alongside a keynote speech. A topic will be selected which encapsulates the quintessential attributes of the role of a woman in driving economic value, under which the discussion will unfold.

Leading Liyo invites you to be a leader.

It helps to bring out the leader in you…

Every woman is a wonder woman.


To encourage and empower women to come forward and become equal stakeholders in leading the economy into the future.