The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) is the apex body for Sri Lankan Marketers, which was founded in 1970 and subsequently incorporated by an act of Parliament in 1980, recognizing it as the National Body for Marketing and a ‘not-for-profit’ organization.

We are mandated to uplift the Marketing profession in Sri Lanka, thus providing Marketing studies and conducting many National level events and projects. SLIM is governed by a Council of Management and an Executive Committee headed by a President and comprising of professionals from numerous industries in an honorary capacity. We take pride in organizing National level events consecutively on an annual basis, which are popular among the Sri Lankan corporates and public alike.

With the vision of leading the nation’s efforts towards economic prosperity and the mission of establishing Marketing as the driving force to enhance business and national value, SLIM actively promotes Marketing as an essential business philosophy to facilitate the mission of establishing Marketing as the driving force which enhances business and national value alike.

SLIM unfolds many important national level events annually such as the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards in recognition of brands on a national level, SLIM – Nielsen People’s Awards with the true representation of the pulse of the people, NASCO (National Sales Congress), making a revolution in the structure and platform of Sales Management in Sri Lanka, Marketing Roks, which prepares the younger generation to face the challenges of the corporate world with greater confidence, dedication and integrity, the Effie Awards, covering the effectiveness of Advertising and ‘Gamata’ Marketing, aiming to identify and uplift SMEs’ in the rural areas along with the tool of Marketing in order to enhance the value proposition of their final products and their living standards.

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Our Vision

"To Lead the Nation’s Efforts towards Economic Prosperity."

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Our Mission

"To Establish Marketing as the Driving Force Which Enhances Business and National Value."

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Our Objectives

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To contribute within the area of our professional competence to the economic growth of the country

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To foster the development, growth and wider acceptance of Marketing as a key management function

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To provide a professional forum to its members

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To advise and assist in the formation, implementation and appraisal of national policies on any matter connected with Marketing, both within Sri Lanka and abroad

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To suggest and promote legislative action in the sphere of Marketing to serve the best interest of the country

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To promote, maintain and uphold professional and ethical principles and standards in the practice of Marketing in Sri Lanka

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Our Values

SLIM incorporates a combined approach to organisational performance management that results in the delivery of ever-improving value to its stakeholders, contributing to sustainable improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities to serve the nation for economic prosperity.

Here at SLIM, all the departments contribute as one towards reaching the organisation’s goals and objectives. Our employees are more cohesively interactive and efficient in problem-solving since the employee unity and company culture supports the core concept of teamwork at SLIM.

Having honesty and integrity not only creates value in every form of communication, but also leads to build the foundation of trust and confidence in an organisation. Particularly since SLIM is an educational service provider, its quality of being honest involves the employees to think in the right manner and behave with reliability. It advocates, being loyal, punctual and adhering to the rules and regulations at SLIM, also maintaining the timings of the company and producing the expected results.

The innovative culture at SLIM is a central concept in managerial practices which includes creativity, openness, future orientation, risk‐taking, and proactivity representing the organisational climate, which refers to the organisation's ability to generate ideas and innovate continually over time.

We uplift organisational professionalism through organisational culture, business performance and industry engagement, competency skills, conduct, image and continuous improvement. These concepts will be continually refined and improved while these attributes are in parallel to and complement personal professionalism traits.

SLIM comprises of enthusiastic, passionate, ambitious employees who engage in a fertile culture that adjusts to rectify the problems aroused. Thus, our employees tend to feel safe and trusted, to understand that they can speak freely without fear of repercussion within their working environment which ultimately leads to steadfast commitment towards their job role.

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