The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the world’s largest and most prestigious professional body for Marketing which provides an internationally recognized Marketing qualification, opening seamless for opportunities for Marketers. As the National Body for Marketing in Sri Lanka, SLIM has a responsibility to facilitate all activities for the development of Marketing in the country, while SLIM has its indigenous Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, it also looks at opening the avenue for those Sri Lankan students who wish to obtain a foreign (UK) postgraduate qualification in Marketing. This is the same reason for SLIM to be an accredited study centre for CIM.

  • To provide a framework for marketing standards, such as skills and behaviours expected of professional Marketers at varying levels of proficiency

  • The core competencies of Marketing are relevant to all Marketers regardless of their role, industry sector or the grade level of their careers

  • The technical competencies are elective and provide the knowledge and skills required in specific areas of Marketing depending on variations in career progression

  • The programme outlines the skills that Marketing professionals need to demonstrate to carry out their jobs effectively and achieve their business goals

  • Anybody seeking Marketing as a career

  • The longest standing accredited study centre in Sri Lanka

  • Globally recognised qualification in Marketing

  • Classes being conducted in Colombo and Kandy

  • Many CIM world prize winners and Sri Lanka prize winners have been coached at SLIM

  • Ideal for young school leavers and junior executives

  • 5 passes at the GCE Ordinary Level (Local / UK) Examination including 2 credits (one in English) PLUS

  • 1 pass at the GCE A/L (UK) Examination OR

  • Applicants over 19 years must have at least one year’s full time work experience, preferably in Marketing or Sales.