About Gamata Marketing

It is not only inside the majestic buildings, the “potential” is found. It is there in faraway regions as well, encased in lushes greenery, yearning for an opportunity.

As the national body of marketers in the island, Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing embarks on a mission to promote the marketing philosophy amongst SMEs, rural enterprises and new entrepreneurs, thus ameliorating their existing conditions to bring forth novel opportunities.

All the Training sessions will be conducted under the brand name of ‘Gamata Marketing’.

This will help to add value to the SMEs, rural enterprises and upcoming entrepreneurs whilst contributing to the development and boost to the Sri Lankan economy, as SMEs generate a major portion of the GDP.

“Gamata Marketing” will be conducted by various methods viz. awareness programmes, training sessions etc. focusing on different sectors.


Uplifting untapped markets and unseen entrepreneurs in rural areas & emphasizing the importance of marketing to enhance the living standards & maximize profits thus assisting in the development of SMEs, rural enterprises and new entrepreneurs.