About Entrepreneurship Society

It says best are for the children. Saying is not enough, doing is what makes a difference.

We, as the national body for marketing, always endeavor to travel the extra mile to provide the young generation with “the best”. Hence, born the concept “Entrepreneurship Society”. It was initiated with the idea of propagating the notion of “entrepreneurship” among school children. We hope to plant seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of future geniuses, so that one day, those seeds grow to become fruitful trees. The circle continues…

Covering more than 1,800 schools, 1,800 teachers, 104 Provincial and Zonal Directors and 11 training sessions for the teachers, SLIM expects to create a volte-face in the future economy through “Entrepreneurship Society”. As the name itself emphasizes, it is our envisagement of a nation blessed with successful entrepreneurs which is a viable solution to unemployment and a boost to the country’s GDP in the aggregate.

The projects will be handled via an online platform and the evaluations are carried-out based on the projects.


To establish the idea of Business Organization in the student’s mind

Encourage the younger generation to start their own business ideas and concepts

Knowledge creation and distribution