The Certificate in Pharmaceutical Marketing is a course conducted for Medical Delegates who are already employed in pharmaceutical companies and for school leavers aspiring to be future Medical Delegates, to enhance their knowledge on Pharmaceutical Marketing and to prepare them for a higher career path in the pharmaceutical industry. The Certificate of Pharmaceutical Marketing (Pharma) is a 6 month duration certificate course, which is the result of combining the professional expertise of the pharmaceutical trade together with the inputs of the Sri Lanka Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI) and Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM). The course was designed to fulfil a long felt need of a certified qualification level for Medical Delegates. The programme is an innovative skills development programme focusing on training to embrace the most effective and best practices to succeed in the pharmaceutical trade.

  • Familiarize students with the basic concepts of a Medical Delegate’s job role, rights and responsibilities
  • Widen their medical knowledge in order to understand and be responsive in a rational manner to the doctors and other medical professionals
  • Introduce students to the concepts, analysis and activities that comprise Sales and Marketing and train them in assessing and solving basic Marketing problems
  • Encourage students to stick to ethical practices at all times
  • Help students develop critical thinking and sharpen their analytical abilities by: promoting self-esteem, identifying and developing talents and interest, motivating students to achieve their full potential, striving for excellence in all endeavours
  • Pharmaceutical representatives keen on career progress
  • School leavers who wish to enter the pharmaceutical industry
  • The only certificate course in Sri Lanka covering Anatomy, Marketing and Management in one course
  • The programme was endorsed by the Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI)
  • 6 months duration
  • Medical Representatives: GCE O/L with minimum 6 months experience in the pharmaceutical industry with excellent communication skills in English
  • School Leavers: 2 passes in GCE A/Ls