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About SLIM Brand Week 2024

SLIM has transfigured 'Brand Week Sri Lanka 2024' to promote business growth strategies and enhance the marketing and commercial sectors through a premier knowledge-sharing forum. SLIM Brand Week 2024 is designed to challenge brands to conceptualize and apply experiences for the solutions of tomorrow.

Why attend SLIM Brand Week?

The three-day symposium will feature 30 industry-leading speakers in marketing & branding, sharing a unique blend of knowledge and experiences fostering new learning opportunities.

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Who should attend SLIM Brand Week 2024?

Marketing students, Diplomats, the Advertising community, Marketing Managers, Heads of Marketing, Brand Managers, Directors of Marketing, CEOs & CMOs, HR Professionals & IT Professionals, and Sri Lankan entrepreneurs are all urged to seize this exceptional opportunity to expand their skills and expertise.

The Experience


Experience the SLIM Brand Week 2024 event connecting with marketing professionals, over 30 innovative speakers in 15 sessions on emerging trends, business strategies & innovative marketing technologies shaping the future of Sri Lankan corporate brands.

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    Evening Session

  • Unveiling the Essence: Excel in story-telling, craft a creative mindset to build a rich Brand strategy
  • Brand Marketing Management in the world of AI & Hyper
  • Humanizing Brand Interactions: Transforming Consumers into Collaborators

    Evening Session

  • Build a digital footprint for your brand
  • Cultivating success: Empowering minds, building brands

    Evening Session

  • Insights and learnings we can used to build a global brand in Sri Lanka
  • Empowering Sri Lanka’s economy: Leveraging branding strategies for growth and resilience

    Morning Session - Only for school children Age between 15 -19 years

  • Grooming young brand entrepreneurs
  • Unveiling the Next Gaming Frontier: Cinematic and Interactive Universes in the New Era of Gaming
  • Becoming Future-Ready: The Role of Gen Z in Brand Marketing Evolution